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Here are some examples of the Outdoor & Adventure resources we have produced for schools.
Producing these resources involves school visits, on-site field-work, photography and mapping. This is followed by Illustration and design work, photo editing, printing, labelling, laminating, cutting and pack assembly. It takes three to four weeks to produce an 'Outdoor & Adventure Activities' pack. We take on this type of project during the Spring and Summer months only.


Most of the following resources are required to follow through the Lesson Plans on the PSSI (Primary Schools Sports Initiative) CD for 'Outdoor & Adventure Activities' :

  • Child-friendly maps of the school grounds - large full-colour wall maps and several black and white copy masters suiting different age groups: Click images for samples (the school name has been changed)
  • Orienteering picture sets - each with a Teacher's Guide: Sample page
  • Maths trails: Sample
  • Outdoor activity cards: Sample
  • Resources for Special Needs children: Sample
  • Observation sets (photo transformations). A subtle aspect of a playground feature is changed in a digital photograph. Children are given a true and a false photograph. They must first decide which is the actual picture of the outdoor feature then they must check to see if they are correct: Samples

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