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Sraith Phictiúr

This is set of 20 pictures which could be displayed in the classroom or corridor area of the school. A work sheet to link the display with childrens' writing can be downloaded by clicking the link below:
bileog oibre

Opening instructions: Clicking above will open a black-and-white A4 size PDF document consisting of 10 pages. It which will open in Adobe®Reader. It is about 1Mb. Open and print as normal on A4 paper and laminate.

A3 size inter-changeable poster

This is an inter-changeable A3 size poster of Irish verbs.
The tenses are colour-coded: past tense (red), present tense i.e. anois etc. (yellow), future tense (blue) and continuous present - which runs across past, present and future - (green). It requires additional cut-out verb cards which can be downloaded below as a 3-page PDF file. The 3 pages of verbs are: 1. First Conjugation 2. Second Conjugation 3. Irregular Verbs. They are given in first person only and the verb stem is given in the bottom left of each cut-out. When cut-out, each 'flash card' measures 9 x 2.5 cm approx.
Click here to download the PDF of cut-out verbs:
na briathra

Opening instructions: Above and left are links to A3 size PDFs which will open as normal in Adobe®Reader. You will need a printer with A3-size capabilities and, of course A3 size paper, to print these documents. They should also be laminated. It's easy to print them as A4 size also as follows. In the Adobe©Reader Print dialogue choose 'Reduce to printer Margins' in the Print Scaling list. Printing A4 size would defeat their purpose. Tá cairt bhalla de 'Briathar an Lae ' (méid A2 nó A1) - comh maith leis na briathra - le fáil ó Ionad Oideachais na hUaimhe. Cuir fios orthu ag info AT ecnavan.ie Má thastaíonn uait go gcuirfeadh siad lannach orthu freisin - is féidir leo é sin a dhéanamh.

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