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We provide Design, Illustration and Layout Services in the production of print-ready magazines and books for our clients. In this work we sometimes are asked to provide editorial assistance, written composition, origination and creation of puzzle pages, crosswords etc. We also liase with printers on behalf of our clients.

We welcome invitations to quote for our publishing services.


The NASC magazine is published annually by the ATECI - the Association of Teachers' / Education Centres of Ireland. NASC contains articles of interest to both primary and secondary teachers. Click the image to open an article about free software for teachers.
The Centres organise
Write-a-Book and Write-a Poem projects on an annual basis. The 'People in Poetry' book is the outcome of one of these projects.

SCRATCH FROM SCRATCH - a book on Scratch Programming for Schools and Clubs (Just published Oct '12)

The objective in teaching SCRATCH to teachers, is to inspire and enthuse them to pass on the benefits of computer programming to the children. Motivating teachers in IT is a particular skill. Computer Education (IT) is not on the Irish school curriculum and it must be integrated into the teaching of curricular subjects. For teachers to become enthused about Scratch, it has to be obvious to them that it meets their teaching needs.
After delivering a number of courses, in Navan Education Centre, I am acutely aware that there isn't a suitable Scratch manual for teachers and mentors of children. That's why I decided to produce one. I have named it
SCRATCH from Scratch. It introduces the various SCRATCH code blocks on a gradual basis, rather than all together. Teachers will appreciate this approach, because it is in accord with the Maths curriculum. For example younger children, who would not be familiar with 'directed numbers' or the co-ordinated plane, can learn SCRATCH programming suitable to their grade. Teachers will also appreciate its focus on the numeracy features of SCRATCH and the section on LOGICAL THINKING through computer programming will be especially welcomed. This will not be published until Spring 2013. SCRATCH From Scratch will meet the needs of teachers from middle-standards primary to lower secondary school (approx. 10 to 15 year olds) as well as CoderDojo club mentors.

My interest in CoderDojo has brought home to me the need for a linear approach to teaching Scratch. I'm confident that the book will also be a useful resource for the volunteer Dojo mentors. I would like that this book would be free for the non-profit and voluntary sectors, but as an individual (and not a large organisation) the costs would be prohibitive. (NEWS: In October 2012 we printed a limited run of 400 copies of the book.) Copies can now be bought securely online through PayPal at www.scratchfromscratch.com

COURSE DESIGN: 'Is Féidir Liom'
This is a Beginners' Course in Irish. It consists of a full colour 60-page booklet, an audio CD and a web site with FREE supplementary materials - including a course outline for tutors. The web site is www.isfeidirliom.ie.

'Is Féidir Liom' was piloted with adult groups over a period of three years. It was written and produced by Seamus O'Neill and published by Navan Education Centre. Seamus O'Neill is a former primary teacher and Resources Development Coordinator with Navan Education Centre.

'Is Féidir Liom' is available from Navan Education Centre. The resources on the web site can be used independently of the course and they are free to all teachers.


The CARTON CRAFT books were the culmination of an international search - by the world's leading carton manufacturer - for a person to create and design original craft objets d'art from used cartons. The books are out of print and beverage cartons come in a wider variety of shapes than heretofore - but we have adapted some of the designs so they can be made from different cardboard media. The Viking Ship is example of this and you can find the instructions under the 'Classroom Ideas' > 'How to Make' link on this web site.

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